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Leather Water Bottle Holder

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Our leather water bottle holder is stylish and chic and comes in three wearable colours, green, red and black. Swing it over your shoulder to create the ultimate eco-conscious statement and never leave your re-usable water bottle behind ever again.

For the full look shop our matching hand-sanitiser holders to clip onto your Water bottle or handbag.


  • Genuine leather with Suede internal lining

  • Detachable strap with gold hardware

  • Strap Length Adjustable

  • Designed for a water bottle with a 65 mm ∅

  • Combine with our sanitiser holder

  • Available for personalisation



We understand that branding is more than just a logo. We can help you add your brand's personality by adding your logo onto the Water Bottle Holder, or why not go personalised and add the individuals initials onto the case?