Waterproof Outdoor Speaker

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Perfect for wild explorers, the Waterproof outdoor speaker from Bang and Olufsen is designed for every adventure you can imagine. Inside the scratch-resistant, anodised aluminium shell, a vertical rib structure provides serious protection from bumps. Whether you're listening to your favourite songs at the top of a cliff, hike along a trail or exploring new coves you can trust the speaker will be built for every moment of it. Clip it onto your bag or your belt and do not worry about the rain or sand as it is designed with a fully dust and waterproof IP67 construction.


Sound Direction: 360 degrees

Materials: Type II Anodised Aluminium, Polymer, Fabric

Can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes

IP67 certified

81 W x 124 H x 81 D mm

Battery Playtime: Up to 27 hours at typical listening volumes

Power Supply: 5V DC / 3A via USB-C connector

Inputs and Outputs: USB-C for charging and streaming



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