Case Studies

From bespoke and innovative products to custom packaging, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that every detail of your project is beautifully executed.

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Journaling Set

We created and delivered set for press and influencers. The campaign was to raise awareness of their latest collection. The 'journaling  box featured a custom polaroid, sketchbook, custom pens, craft tape and stickers.

Virtual Pasta Making

A fully bespoke set in presentation box and die cut packaging. Each product was sourced and branded to represent a different Google product. Recipients could use the elements (and recipe card) to make a Fusilli pesto pasta.

Magnetic Creativity

We were challenged by Nike to create a gift for their 'House of Innovation' team. Our solution was a set of 'magnetic' balls that can be used to create endless shapes and design possibilities. These were then packaged as the iconic swoosh logo.


Growth Kit

Wunderkind help brands accelerate their growth. They wanted a gift to send to their clients. We devised the growth box. It featured a planter from Ferm Living, 'Patch Plants'  voucher and a brass plant mister to feed the plant. All housed in a custom engraved wooden hamper and delivered to their clients throughout Europe.   


Event Gifting

We can provide a huge range of curated merchandise for events. For Christian Louboutin x GC we produced a bespoke brass match box case that was engraved with the event and brand logos.

Scott Dunn

Knit Your Own

We developed a 'knit your own ski hat' that would accompany the new travel brochure. Our team designed all aspects, Recipients could use the kit to make a fully finished bobbly ski hat (perfect for the slopes).


Lockdown Bingo

A Virtual Bingo game over 'zoom' during lockdown. The gift boxes were shipped to all employees. The sets included popcorn, branded bingo cards, alcoholic drink and custom box and bingo inspired outer mailer.Result: Engaged and motivated staff working from home. 


Gift Experience

An experience gift that blends Tokyo & Berlin whilst keeping Audio-Technica brand at the forefont. The user goes through a five stage sensory journey exploring both cities. For sound we used a digital code on the audio card to take a musical journey through the jazz cafes of Ginza, Tokyo to the warehouse raves in East Berlin. For scent we included Hibi incense to transports the user to the tranquillity of a Tokyo temple for a restful ten minutes.

Biologique Recherche

Executive Gifts

A custom travel gift set - featuring, Travel Folio, passport case, Luggage tag , notebook in a gift box. We pantone matched the leather items and applied branding in a number of chic and stylish ways to represent the brand.


Custom Lego Set

We created a custom lego set where the recipients built a replica model of the warehouse in Lego. The building was to scale and even included Mountpark decals on the building and delivery lorries. 


Welcome Kit

 Our welcome kit contained a hardcover notebook, bespoke metal pen, pin badge, all packaged in a die cut gift box with specialist foils, textured paper and recycled foam.