Whisky Connoissuer Set

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Exhibiting a masterful merging of classic and contemporary design techniques, this set radiates chic luxury and will provide pleasure aplenty to the whisky aficionado. Premium, weighty glassware comes in the form of delicately hand blown tumblers, nosing glasses, a jug and a decanter, and the hand-finished walnut cask provokes parallels with the whisky ageing process. Choose an accompanying bottle from our range of whiskies and, for a gift that really warms the cockles, make use of our engraving service by having a significant name, date or set of initials etched onto the side of the box.


  • Connoisseur Set Features

  • Solid Walnut Tray (31.5 x 43.5 cm) - which can be personalised with our in house engraving service

  • 1 Litre Glass decanter with solid walnut base

  • 2 x Whisky Glasses with Walnut coasters

  • 2 x Nosing glasses with glass lids

  • 1 x Water Jug with walnut coaster base

  • Set of 8 Granite drink rocks (to be used as a replacement to ice)

  • Choose The set to pick your style and budget, or add additional bottles via the 'add-ons'


The beautifully handcrafted walnut box provides a sleek, functional home for all the set’s components and conjures up ideas of whiskey maturation in aged wooden barrels. Elevate the set to the next level with an engraving that projects the personality of the drinker.