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The Nue Co Sleep Drops

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Sleep Drops from The Nue Co is for those with a 'busy brain' before bed. A third of the global population has trouble sleeping - some are unable to fall asleep, while others struggle to stay asleep. This formula is created with passionflower, chamomile and valerian root extracts, classed as “nervines” to help you drift off with ease. This blend of botanical and herbal extracts have a mildly sedative effect on the nervous system. Key ingredients in SLEEP DROPS are believed to increase levels of GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter to support the nervous system and regulate sleep.



  • 30ml

  • Soothes Tension

  • Enhances Sleep

  • Calms

  • Add 1 dropper full under the tongue, 30 minutes before bed.