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Piccolo Seed Collections

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A Deluxe Collection of 3 seed packets to help you grow your very own herbs for homemade cocktails. Though the classic mojito is made with Moroccan Spearmint, you can use other herbs as zinged-up alternatives for your cocktails.

Enjoy a tart, herbaceous, refreshing Shiso Mojito or a lemony and relaxing Lemon Balm Mojito to relieve stress and unwind after a hard day at work.

Virtually foolproof, each pack of seeds comes with it's own 'how-to' guide making it easy for anyone and everyone to get planting. Consisting of the foundation for you to make very own Herbs to accompany your bevs right in time for summer.


  • Each packet contains a varies with the amount of seeds
  • Strawberry, Tomato, Oregano, Eggplant, Cocktail herbs set, Herbal Teas Set