Phone Connectors and O Rings

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Easily Connect your Phone Ropes and Shoulder straps to your brand new Leather case using our adhesive Rope Connectors and O rings. 

When attaching Phone ropes to leather phone cases you will need a leather Phone Connector

When Attaching Shoulder Straps to your leather phone case you will need a Phone Connector and an O Ring.


  • Our phone connector is designed for Not Another Bill leather cases, we do not recommend using the connector with phone cases from other brands.

  • When purchasing a silicone phone case you do not need an O ring or phone connector

  • Phone connectors made form leather with an adhesive back

Information for Shoulder Straps:

    • Stick the adhesive phone connector to the bottom of your phone with the elastic sitting outside.

    • Slip an O Ring through the elastic loop on the Phone Connector

    • Easily clip your Shoulder strap to your O Ring


    Information for Phone Ropes:

      • Our adhesive Phone Connector is easily attached to your leather phone case.

      • Simply slide the metal toggle backwards to release the end of the rope, remove the metal toggle and fastener.

      • Thread your phone rope through the loop in the Phone connector or loop in Silicone case, and then re-attach fastener and metal toggle.