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Palette Shot Paddle

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These contemporary decanters are both iconic and chic and will sit as a show-stopper piece on your drinks tray or cabinet.

They are mouth blown by skilled artisans to create a contemporary, straight-sided shape. The heavy glass stopper has a corresponding shape and is hand ground for a perfect fit.


  • Dimensions Small: 29cm, Width: 24cm, Height: 11.5cm

  • Dimensions Large: 40cm, Width: 28cm, Height: 11.5cm

  • Materials: Sustainably Sourced Natural ash

  • Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

  • Includes x6 (small) or  x12 shot glasses (large)


Make it personal by adding your logo, an individuals name or initials by having the glass decanter personalised by our in-house engraving team.