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Natural Grass Pencil

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The Natural Grass Pencil from A Good Company is one of a kind. Most of the pencils out there are terrible for the environment, made from the worst kind of plastics. After spending half a year designing and developing the Natural Grass Pencil, it is made using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics. The Natural Pencil Factory employs an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process, which means that the factory produces no waste products or wastewater.


  • Meadow grass and BPA-free plastics

  • Biogas and waste heat drives the factory

  • Size : 15 cm

  • Item Weight: 9 g

  • Pencil colour: Black

  • Refill size: 0.5mm

  • How to recycle: When done, place in the plastic bin


We understand that branding is more than just a logo. We can help you add your brand's personality by adding your logo onto the side of the pencil, or why not go extra personalised and add the individuals initials? Make it extra special by adding a luxury clamshell gift box and gift message.