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Melo Anxiety & Meditation Device

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Melo is is a portable handheld device to help you control stress and anxiety through breathing and meditation exercises. Small and discrete so you can hold it comfortably in your hold, pop it in your pocket or keep it attached to the lanyard or pop out pouch for when you need it quickly. Whether you need it before work, in a busy crowd, in a corner at a social event Melo allows you to focus on your breathing and allow yourself some time to reset and recharge.

Melo uses expanding and contracting light rings together with subtle vibration pulses to guide you through the proven breathing exercises helping you with stressful situations and reduce anxious times.


  • 51mm(l)x41.5mm(w)x17.5mm(d)

  • 30g

  • Includes: Melo, Silicone Pouch,Key fob tag,Key fob loop,Pendant accessory,Charging dock, USB C cable, Accessory tool, Breathing Guide and instructions