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Adaptive Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones

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Enjoy peace whenever you need it with the Noise Cancelling Earphones, the comfortable snug in ear fit reduces disturbances. So whether you want to listen to your favourite album on the morning commute, play that song that pumps you up in the gym or listen to a podcast on the train you can be sure these earphones will drain the rest of the worlds noise away. Made from durable premium materials, including anodised aluminium and sweat-resistant textured housing.


  • Included: 

    • Beoplay EQ

    • Charging case with built-in Wireless Charging

    • USB A/USB C cable for charging, 0.5m

    • 4 sizes of Silicone Ear Tips (XS, S, M, L)

    • 1 size Comply™ tips (M)

    • Quick start guide


  • Hard anodised Aluminium in space craft grade quality, Polymer, Silicone

  • IP54 (dust and splash/sweat resistant)

  • Earphones: 24 W x 22 H x 27 D Charging case: 77 W x 40 H x 26 D